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Decorative Films

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Decorative films are designed to add the right amount of privacy to your office spaces. These films come in a variety of frosted and patterned options that can enhance the look  of any commercial building. 


Frosted window films diffuse light and add privacy to office spaces. These films have an opaque look and can be installed onto the glass in private offices, cubicles, and conference rooms. These films can be designed into numerous textures to add to the décor of your office space. 

Smart Films for Retails outlets –

Decorative films also feature a blackout option that offers complete privacy by blocking all views in and out of the glass. It provides complete darkness as it also prevents the light from passing through. 


The decorative films available at Eladin Solutions are of the highest quality and can be installed in record time to your office glass panels. Our installation experts will visit your office with all the right gear and install the films straight away.