• Dubai, UAE

Smart Films for Apartments

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Minimalistic Designs Complemented By Smart Films For Apartments

Apartment buildings in countries such as the UAE feature advanced  designs and luxurious façades. To keep up with the imposing exterior, the entire walls of apartments are replaced with sturdy glass panels. This is why smart films for apartments are very popular in the MENA region. These films turn translucent  during the day when it's scorching outside. At night, the residents of apartment buildings can turn them clear to enjoy the views of the skyline.

Smart films for apartments are also a great option for the privacy concerns of the residents. The living space in the apartments is usually restricted and there are glass barriers installed in numerous places. Residents with discerning taste can install smart films in these areas to add to the interior décor and also maintain privacy. If you are interested in applying these privacy films to your washrooms, we also provide a water-resistant option called Smart Glass.